Proplanet Masthead
We at Woodland realize the importance of eco-consciousness and have embraced it as one of our key objectives. In other words, we are Proplanet and we constantly work towards keeping our environment safe.

Proplanet is a community that is committed to make our planet a better place to live in. We wish to share with the community our passion for social causes which defines us as a company. Our ultimate goal is to inspire the next generation and increase their participation in the conservation of nature.

In keeping with our eco-conscious philosophy, we have always tried to make eco-friendly products which are made through processes that cause minimal harm to the environment. We wish to share this philosophy and involve our customers in exercising the same. In today’s world where globalization and staying connected is crucial, we are working towards creating an interactive platform where we can discuss issues related to nature & the environment around us. We initiate related discussions, comments, blogs, video and podcasts on an online platform as part of our proplanet initiative to get the world connected and involved.

As part of this objective, we plan to reduce our environmental impact to zero by 2015. Our mission is to highlight our stand as an eco-friendly brand and we have embarked on several eco-friendly initiatives to accomplish the same.